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Remote Work: Challenges and Best Practices

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Remote Work: Challenges and Best Practices
  • 1 year ago

As the world continues to normalize remote work, most companies have seemingly found their groove, and the bulk of employees seem to have accepted their “new normal.” With that being said, the transition hasn’t been as easy for others. Moving forward, businesses will want to continue developing concrete methods and strategies for their employees to strive. Businesses want to continue delivering high-quality customer service and product satisfaction, making it essential to find the best practices to overcome the challenges that arise from working from home. 

Best Practices 

For many, working from home seems like a dream come true with no tedious commute, stolen lunches from the office fridge, or coworker distractions. However, for this dream to be truly practical, remote workers need to implement the best practices into their routines in order to be productive. Owner, Damon Inlow, of the Canadian e-commerce shop, Vaporizers.ca explains that remote work efficiency comes down to one thing: prioritizing your workload. Inlow states, “Working at home stresses the need to be very diligent and disciplined when managing tasks. Start by completing your work that is the most important and has the fastest approaching deadline. If you accomplish this at the start of your day, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, and you’ll be motivated to tackle the rest of your work.” Similar to Inlow, Angat Saini, Founder of Accord Law, explains that goal-setting is the x-factor with remote work, as he states, “An excellent practice to incorporate into your work from home routine is goal setting and time management. Start by separating your tasks into urgent, less urgent and long term categories. This will allow you to set daily, weekly, and monthly priorities focusing you on your workload and not letting you get overwhelmed by what needs to get done.”

However, what Inlow and Saini say might only be one side of the story. CEO of DirectNet, Rob Stix, says the key to productive remote workdays lies within the company’s efficient communication strategy and quality technology. Stix says, “For our team, the key to working from home is constant communication. Even though we aren’t physically in the same room as some of our colleagues when needing assistance on various tasks, we understand that other forms of digital means can be used and are as effective. To establish and sustain excellent communication remotely within your company, employees need to have reliable internet, quality audio and video cameras. This will make virtual communication much easier from video conferencing to emails and other messaging platforms.” 

Overcoming top distractions and challenges

As much as remote work is becoming our society’s new norm, it’s only normal for those who embrace the change. In other words, no one can be productive in their pyjamas, sitting on the couch all day, while the television plays in the background. What makes us all productive in an office, is it’s setting and environment. Ashley Peeling, Regional Marketing Manager of CLV Group, explains that work productivity does, in fact, lie within our environment, as she says, “I suggest making your home office as authentic as possible. Meaning, invest in a quality work desk and chair. Sitting on your couch or kitchen table, and having the television on in the background won’t motivate you to complete your work. From 9 to 5, make your home, your office.” 

With all that being said, some of the challenges we face aren’t all entirely in our control. Mark Rapley, Director of Operations of KWIC Internet, reminds us all of the online dangers and concerns that come with working remotely. Rapley states, “One challenge remote workers face is online safety concerns. Moving forward, cybersecurity measures and training should be implemented by employers in order to protect their company, employees and clients, as digital information theft cases continue to increase. In the meantime, I suggest all employees, regardless of the industry they find themselves in, invest in at least a VPN. This will ensure that the transmission of sensitive information is protected.”

Working from home presents plenty of great opportunities and provides us all with unprecedented benefits. However, for our workdays to be truly productive and efficient, many of these best practices must be incorporated into our new everyday life. Keeping these tips in mind throughout your day will hold you accountable for completing your necessary tasks. Despite the challenges that arise with remote work, there are methods in which employers and employees can implement to ensure their top goals remain achieved: customer satisfaction and retention.


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