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SOLVED: The Most Common Areas of Law from Your Top Legal Experts in Canada

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If you need a lawyer, do you know which one you should reach out to? It can get confusing fast since there are so many areas of law — from bankruptcy and business law to environmental and immigration laws. Whatever problem you can think of in our society, there is an area of law to combat it. How did one overarching tree of law become so many individual branches over the years? Today, let’s go over the most important areas of law you need to know about so you are never stranded without professional help in a tricky situation. We asked expert lawyers in the country to provide their top advice in their areas of expertise so read on.

Brief History of Law

The entire concept of law and justice in our society is closely linked with the beginning of civilization itself. In thousands of years that humanity has been developing its bearings in the world, the field of law transforms accordingly. From Ancient Egyptian civil code in 3000BC to the makings of democracy in Ancient Greece in the 8th century BC, the law organized societies, solved disputes, and brought in a social class system. Heavily tied in with political and religious influences, the law has been guiding humans for thousands of years. Today, countries vary in their legal constitutions, but the main point is the same across the board — justice, fairness, equality.

Canadian Law

In Canada, the law applies to citizens, government, and businesses. There are public laws, governing the relationship between a person and a society, and private laws governing relationships between individuals. Legal bodies in Canada include courts for settling disputes fairly, the police, and legal representation. The laws span every area of conflict in society imaginable and also protect basic human rights and freedoms of citizens. But what are the most prevalent areas of law that an average citizen should know about?

Criminal Law

First, our society needs to be protected. Criminal law pertains to all conduct considered endangering and harmful to individuals’ welfare, health, safety, and property. This area of law deals with people who carried out threatening actions – criminals – and includes prescribed punishment and rehabilitation rules as deterrents for undesirable behaviour. Whether it is sentencing someone to jail time for theft or giving a life sentence for murder, criminal law seeks to protect our society and reduce the levels of crime.


When would you need a criminal lawyer?

You need to contact a lawyer in this field if you have been charged with any of the following crimes: impaired driving, domestic assault, police custody injuries, bar fights, harassment, arson, embezzlement, tax evasion and other offences against people or property. If you are being accused of a crime and are going before the court or need to fight an arrest warrant, contact Weisberg Law for a consultation to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Real Estate Law

Buying or selling a home? Real estate is one of the biggest investments in your life so don’t go through the process without a lawyer — there are many tricky rules and regulations you won’t know on your own. Let’s hear from a top lawyer in the field of real estate law, Angat Saini, who is the principal lawyer and founder of Accord Law, a highly successful law firm in the GTA. With 12 years as a real estate agent, Angat has a unique advantage. Here is what he told us:

  1. What is the #1 reason clients would contact you in your area of expertise?

“The number one reason clients contact Accord Law is for their real estate related legal matters, such as real estate purchases, sales, mortgages, and refinancing. Our firm has built a reputation as a leader in the area with a focus on transparency and personalized service throughout the entire real estate closing process. The fees and details of the services being provided are given to the client upfront so they know what to expect during the entire process. We also take pride in being accessible to our clients, and ensure they are always able to easily contact our office via email or phone and that any questions are responded to within 24 hours.”

  1. Who is your typical client?

“Our clients vary from first time home buyers to seasoned investors. We also provide Immigration services and prepare Wills and Powers of Attorney.”

  1. What is a memorable experience you had with a client in this area of law?

“The most memorable experiences are when a client thanks us for the services we provided them. As a high volume firm, there’s no better feeling than getting a phone call or a quick note from a client who really felt our customer service made a difference for them. We try extremely hard to ensure that when we hand over a set of keys to a client, that they feel a sense of excitement and relief that everything went well with the purchase or sale of their home.”

Personal Injury

We’ve covered serious crimes, investing in real estate, and buying a home. But what about personal injuries? Car accidents are unfortunately far too common and it’s still not safe to bike in most major cities since the designated bike paths are rare. Accidents can even happen when you are boating or taking out your vintage car for a summer ride — you truly never know what might happen. And what if the accident isn’t your fault? Let’s hear from Tony Zuber of Zuber Brioux, a personal injury lawyer based in Kingston who’s been helping people get the compensation they deserve for decades:

  1. What is the #1 reason clients would contact you in your area of expertise?

“Much like medicine, the legal profession has become increasingly more specialized.  Legislation and case law are constantly changing and it is virtually impossible to give quality legal advice in all areas of the law.  Our firm practices in the area of personal injury and insurance law. Clients contact our office because of our 20+ years of experience and our reputation for obtaining excellent results for our clients.  What we do is even the fight for our clients against the insurance companies.”

  1. Who is your typical client?

“Our clients come from all walks of life.  What they all have in common is that their lives have been disrupted by a disabling injury and they need somebody they can trust to help them get the financial and medical help they require to get their lives back.”

  1. What is a memorable experience you had with a client in this area of law?

“One of my favourite memories flows from a settlement we were able to obtain for a young man who, while riding his motorcycle, was unfortunately rendered a paraplegic as a result of the negligence of another driver. We were able to arrange a settlement that provided him with a monthly annuity for life that will pay for all of his medical and living expenses, along with a generous lump sum of money to help him get a head start on his new life. It’s rewarding to know that this young man is financially secure and able to concentrate on the important aspects of his life.”

Business Law

Whether you work for a business or want to start one, business law is something you should be familiar with. Lawyers in this area can guide you through incorporating a business, mergers & acquisitions, succession planning, financing, tax planning, business disputes, as well as exit strategies and even bankruptcy. It’s a large field that deals with many intricacies so let’s hear from the lawyers themselves. Mann Lawyers LLP is a full-service law firm in Ottawa that has been providing custom-tailored legal services to clients, corporations, and private firms for years. Here is what Robert Bissonnette, a business lawyer at the firm told us:

  1. What is the #1 reason clients would contact you in your area of expertise?

“The #1 reason clients would contact me as a business lawyer is for advice in selling or purchasing a business. This could be an investor, a business person, or a company.”

  1. Who is your typical client?

“Business owners who want to settle disputes, ensure they are doing everything right by law, and safeguard their success for the future.”

  1. What is a memorable experience you had with a client in this area of law?

“The most memorable experience involves a client that triggered a “shotgun” mechanism included in a shareholders agreement without having the funds to buy out the other partner. I was able to help the client organize the financing and have the transaction closed for the benefit of my client.”

Family Law

From incorporations to houses, we’ve covered important events in people’s lives up to this point. But what if you are going through a separation or a divorce? Have you caught your partner in adultery or maybe you are trying to solve a custody battle to ensure your children are safe and taken care of? With matters pertaining to your family members, both blood and marriage as well as any children, you need to ensure you are familiar with family law.


Why would you need a family lawyer to solve your personal disputes?

If you have decided to separate or divorce your partner, you need to ensure you get your fair share of assets, both physical and financial. A family lawyer will guide you through this highly tumultuous process and ensure you get what you deserve, as well as help you complete actions that will benefit the whole process such as disclose the financial information that you are required to. A lawyer is necessary to resolve serious family matters so everyone involved is on the same page and the resolution that is the most optimal can be achieved.

In conclusion, there exists a lawyer for every issue you could possibly come across in your life. Whether you’ve been in an accident or need to invoke a clause in a partnership business agreement, there are professionals to guide and protect you. The important thing is to remember to seek legal services whenever you are accused of a crime or need to solve a dispute in your life to ensure all your rights are protected and you get the justice you deserve. Do your research and carefully select your lawyer. The top experts we heard from in this article are the best in their fields and have years of successful cases behind them as evidence. Contact any of them for advice or a consultation for your case now that you know more about the diverse fields of law that exist out there. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful process! Find the right lawyer and you will come out on top of your hardships.


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