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6 Tips for Healthier Skin and Teeth this Winter

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  • 3 years ago

When it comes to feeling your best over the coldest months of the year, there are two important factors you should pay close attention to: Your skin and teeth. Frigid temperatures and fluctuations in humidity can cause all sorts of outcomes, depending on how they are cared for. Today, let’s go over some ways to stay healthier this winter by focusing on your skin and teeth.

Skin Care

Bundle Up!

It goes without saying that if you go out without sufficient protection against the elements, your skin is going to become easily damaged. This can result in flaking, cracking, dryness, irritation and even frostbite in extreme circumstances. Don’t let this happen to you! Always bundle up and never be afraid of overdoing it with a scarf, mitts and a wool toque. Even if the temperature is supposed to climb a little, it’s better to have adequate protection with you in case it decides not to.

Daily All-Natural Cleansers

All that cold, dry air outside isn’t going to your skin any favours if you don’t moisturize and clear away dead skin cells. One way to do this more effectively is to try using a daily all-natural moisturizer that can protect your skin from cracks, irritation or other issues caused by winter’s sting. A daily deep cleansing can remove dead cells and flakes from your skin’s surface, keeping it youthful and healthy. In addition, sometimes dry skin and other similar issues can cause minor infections, so it’s a good idea to take good care of your skin so it can take care of you!

Professional Facials

There’s something to be said about turning to the experts. If you’re literally not feeling comfortable in your own skin this winter, partaking in medical-grade, non-surgical treatments can go a long way not just in preserving your skin’s health but also making it look more youthful and revitalized. There are so many different treatment options out there; you’re sure to find something to suit your needs and lifestyle. Boost your self-confidence and skin health quickly and safely by trusting in the experts.


Dental Care

Preserve that Enamel

If you haven’t decided to spend a little more on better-quality toothpaste that protects the remaining enamel on your teeth, now is the time to do it. Enamel acts as a shield to minimize the effects of tooth sensitivity, allowing you to enjoy those fresh breaths of crisp winter air without discomfort or pain.

Hydration is Key

If you’re feeling dehydrated this winter, take care of it – don’t wait! Having sufficient moisture in your body allows for the creation of more saliva, which might not sound pleasant but, in fact, helps to protect against the development of cavities. Drink plenty of water or sugar-free drinks to keep a healthy level of hydration.

Set Up a Dental Check-Up

Nothing is more effective at protecting your dental health this winter than reaching out to your local dentist to reserve an appointment. With regular check-ups (we recommend one during the winter given how many sweets tend to find their way home over the holiday season), you’ll be better protected against underlying issues. From cosmetic dentistry to emergency services and restorations, your dental experts can help you make the most of this winter with a healthy smile.

It’s never been easier to take care of ourselves over the winter, but have you thought about how you treat your skin and teeth? Many of us are likely glancing away and whistling at this point, but know this: It’s never too late to reach out for expert help, Instash have some great resources on this. Alternatively, you can always make a few effective changes at home that could help you enjoy this time of year to the fullest.


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