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4 Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

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  • 4 years ago

First impressions of a home start before you even enter inside. If you’re trying to sell your home, potential buyers will already have formed opinions of your home based on its curb appeal as they enter the driveway. It is important to boost the curb appeal of your home to help entice people to want to see inside. You don’t want your potential buyers or your in-laws visiting for the first time to be turned off before they set foot indoors. The following are five ways to boost the curb appeal of your home.

Give Your Front Door Some Attention

The front door is usually the focal point of any home, therefore it should be pleasing to the eye. The front door can be sleek and elegant, or it can be elaborate and artistic. Consider doors with decorative glass to give the focal point of your home an alluring and pleasing look. Beautiful potted flowers and a doormat can also help to make your dazzling new door stand out.

New Windows

Windows that are tattered, stained/discoloured from sun exposure, or have visible rotting wood around them are an eye sore. Consider having high efficiency windows installed to reduce the energy costs to heat/cool your home and replace those visual turnoffs with elegant new windows. New windows are a good investment for any homeowner, whether you are trying to sell or not. They are an investment that adds equity to the home while also boosting its curb appeal.

Dress your Windows

If you have drapes or blinds installed on your windows, make sure they don’t appear tattered or dated from the outside. Old drapes that don’t compliment the architecture of your beautiful new windows will reduce their curb appeal purpose. Replace curtains or blinds with ones suited for the style of your windows and their curb appeal will be enhanced.

Maintain Cleanliness

Without a doubt, maintaining a clean exterior and home will help boost your curb appeal. Keep the grass well maintained and your windows free from scum and streaks. Maintain clean siding and doors on the exterior of your home and your curb appeal will be significantly boosted.

With these tips, your windows will look sparkling and last much longer. Enjoy the view of the beautiful outdoors while lounging in your home with your brand new windows.

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