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4 Tips for Better Collaboration at Work

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  • 4 years ago

When collaborating, it’s vital that everyone is willing to contribute freely and openly. Thankfully, there are ways to motivate your teammates to put their heads together. Here are 4 ways you can optimize your collaborative work for better results.

Clarify Roles on a Regular Basis

It’s important to revisit laid-out plans and preserve a mutual agreement, but it’s equally essential to do so as often as possible to avoid any confusion or unexpected frustrations. Overlapping or muddled definitions of roles and responsibilities will tear a collaborative effort apart at the seams, and if you or your co-workers don’t clearly communicate any necessary changes or address progress on a project regularly, the work and collaborative efforts will undeniably suffer.

Operate in a Collaborative Online Workspace

Implementing a collaboration platform like SharePoint or Office 365 and working with your co-workers on it in real-time is a highly effective way to increase the group’s efficiency. Regardless of where your co-workers are, they’ll be able to hop online, make changes and also discuss the work with one another. If members of your group are introverted or the quiet type, interacting with everyone online might help them feel comfortable enough to contribute. Quieter members of your team are often the ones with incredibly valuable insight and suggestions, so be sure to support them equally.

Openness and Honesty

If you make a mistake, own up to it. There’s no shame in expressing honesty, and the rest of your group will feel inclined to do the very same, which will entice more open and consistent communication. Every project will naturally be accompanied by missteps and errors, and it’s important that yourself and your teammates are willing to be open and truthful about problems that arise. If you feel like someone is withholding important information out of guilt or frustration, expressing generosity through honesty and calmness might entice them to feel comfortable enough to share, so long as they don’t feel threatened or lined up for a lecture. Approach mistakes with respect to one another, and in turn you’ll each respect the job at hand.

Bring Everyone Closer Together

There is nothing wrong with making friends, and this includes co-workers. Taking the team out for coffee, lunch, or an after-hours movie and getting to know one another can help to form a tight bond. When everyone is at ease and comfortable with one another, it results in more deep and engaging teamwork, which will affect the outcome of any collaborative projects.

It can be difficult to inspire others to work together, and this can’t be forced unless if you want to endure dramatic and negative situations that further halt work progress. That being said, applying these 4 tricks to minimize confusion and maximize comfort with one another can turn your next group project into something to be very proud of.

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