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Components of an Effective Employment Satisfaction Survey

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  • 4 years ago

Employment satisfaction surveys are effective ways of gauging how employees feel about specific aspects of their day-to-day work life, and with the right components put in place, they can easily provide create a positive impact on a workplace. Here are some key survey components that will show employees that you’re really listening.

Collect Relevant Data Beforehand

Before creating a survey, come up with a way for employees to anonymously submit their opinions, such as suggestion boxes or weekly meetings to answer questions. Consulting information gathered through these methods will allow you to better understand what to include on a survey, making them all the more effective in the end. This will also help employees believe that you’re taking these surveys seriously and truly value their input.

Ask The Right Questions

Once you feel that you’ve gained enough insight into the needs and general consensus of your employees’ working environment, it’s time to come up with the appropriate questions to ask on the employee satisfaction survey. Allow employees to maintain complete anonymity, and keep the general length of each survey short with as few questions as possible to maximize engagement.

A well-written, thoughtful questionnaire can help assure employees that you fully intend to put this data to use, whereas something that looks like a cookie-cutter sample from the internet will garner minimal participation or interest. Reaching out to a third-party survey provider with any information you’ve already collected can also be beneficial in crafting a questionnaire that is relevant to the needs of employees.

Continued Engagement

Ensure each employee is able to answer all questions, including addressing login and/or browser issues for digital surveys, and addressing cutoff errors or inconsistencies with print-based questionnaires. Your active involvement will ensure these surveys accurately collect information, so long as you address any problems employees run into.

Put out more surveys after the first batch is completed, narrowing the focus to center on clear issues and gaining a deeper understanding of how to best address them. This will not only clarify what needs to be done to satisfy your employees, but they’ll recognize that through further, continually focused questions, you’re clearly trying to get to the root of issues at hand.

Address Results and Take Action

Now with a clear understanding of what needs to be done, it’s time to act. Addressing survey results and communicating your plans to employees is a crucial step, and this can be achieved through a widely circulated email, general meeting, or bulletin board posting.

Of course, be sure to actually implement changes you’ve announced, as not keeping promises will make things drastically worse. Don’t forget to update employees with the latest developments and show gratefulness for their valuable and honest input – now might be a good time to provide a pizza party or special treat as a way of saying thanks.

Ensuring employees are content and happy with their work environment is vital to ensure a productive and profitable business. Everything from wages, recognition, and benefits to training, development, and promotion opportunities can play a role in how content your employees are. By respecting them through a willingness to address issues, they’ll be happy to come in every day.

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