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What Renovations Contribute Most to Home Happiness?

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  • 4 years ago

Did you know that the state of your home – the layout, design, crumbling walls or even the disorganized chaos of all of your stuff – can contribute drastically to your overall sense of happiness? Well, it’s true! In a survey conducted by Houzz, more than 6,000 respondents were asked about whether they felt their home design had an impact on their happiness, and 87 percent said, “yes”.

If you feel as though your home interior might be bringing you down, maybe it’s time to knock down some of those walls and liven up that space. Here are some of the most common renovations that can help contribute the most to happiness in home.

Let in the Light

Light is one of the most important elements for opening up your space, making it look great, while helping you feel great as well. So for each area of your house, take a look and see just how much light is filtering through. Installing bigger windows, or evening bright pot lights throughout darken spaces can work wonders for lighting up your home.

Open Layouts

Open-planned designs also benefit greatly to the flow of your interior. It provides that sense of airiness and space, while also allowing any of that natural light to highlight and brighten more of your home. If your current design and layout is very boxed-in and confined, it might be worth considering taking down a few of those partition walls to open up the layout.


Having an organized home – whether it’s your closet, living room, storage room or even the kid’s room – can actually contribute to your own personal sense of concentration and tranquility. If you live in a constant state of disorganized chaos, your body and mind absorb that chaos and carry that pressure and stress even when you leave and head out for the day. Having adequate storage space, installing shelves, and customizing closets to help maintain some sense of order, can help tremendously at clearly out your junk – both literally and figuratively speaking.

Comfort and Cozy

Finally, there’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day at work and feeling that sense of reprieve from the day as you enter the comfort and coziness of home. Having a design that provides that sense of relaxation with comfortable furniture and warm, welcoming colours are small, yet significant ways that will allow you to embrace the happiness of being home.

Make your home a happier place by considering each of these renovations. If you’re not confident making the renovations or upgrades yourself, recruit your local handyman or contracting company to help you out! Always try to incorporate more light, more openness, and a design that will make you feel good about coming home.

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