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Refreshing Home Colour Trends for Summer 2017

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The new home colour trends are a fine balance of exotic and minimalistic. In 2017, a total overhaul won’t be necessary to apply something exotic yet tasteful to your living space, but if you desire a total revitalization then now’s the time to sink your teeth into freshness. Here are just some of the home colour trends for summer 2017.

Greens are Good for You

Simply stated and true to form, solid vibrant shades of lime or emerald are poised to take the interior design world by storm. Of course, this can be manipulated in any capacity that suites your like or dislike of the colour — go all-out and add sleek fluorescent furniture and décor, or settle for an inexpensive throw rug or two in boisterous shades of kiwi. If much of your furniture is basic, neutrally toned and minimalistic pattern-wise, then you’ll do well to inject a bit of flair and vibrancy this summer.

Muted Colours and Geometrics

Funnily enough, the same rules apply for more subdued hues and injections of colour — it’s edgy and chic, but with more muted tones, expect an ambiance that isn’t overtly in-your-face and aggressive (after all, the world is angry enough at the moment). Mix playful geometric patterns in some capacity to compliment less-invasive tones in an airy, quirky environment that doesn’t take itself too seriously. An elegant, light copper tone accompanied by an occasional energetic twist of geometric table legs or wall art makes for a future-facing yet comfortably traditional combination.

Tropical Print

It might seem like a fluke, but tropical patterns and prints are making a steady comeback. Once the subject of ridicule by even most viewers of The Golden Girls, leafy palms and robust ferns are entering the fray once again. An ever-so-delicate peppering of tropical foliage-based patterning in the form of an occasional throw, pillow, or wall hanging can do wonders alongside the aforementioned trends. With the right balance of neutrality and colour coordination, you can liven up your abode without turning it into every great-aunt’s house of Goodwill-destined tackiness.


It’s been a while since yellows have been in style, and even now it’s still a touchy matter to some when selecting the right shade. Like it or not, however, everything from cheery lemon-sunshine to butter and deep mustard tones are bursting back onto the scene. Of course, apply such splashes of brightness in moderation. Pattern and neutrality coordination is vital to get the most out of as little as possible, leaving opportunity to infuse cheerful tones with accentuations in the form of new patterns such as the aforementioned tropical print.

Do these latest colour trends appeal to your imagination? Or are you mortified at the slightest mention of yellow? Either way, it never hurts to add a well-researched spattering of freshness to your living environment, and perhaps this summer’s trends just might be that push into interior revitalization that you were hoping for.

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