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5 Design Tips for Your New Apartment

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  • 5 years ago

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s how exciting it can be to decorate and design your new apartment. When you can make your space your own, it can feel exhilarating being able to make it reflect your own style and taste, perfectly. Even in the smallest of spaces, you can get creative and fun, while still cranking up the notch in design that will make your friends and family jealous. Here are five design tips for you new apartment to help get you inspired.

Getting Personal

Creating a great design is all about getting personal. Before you jump into tearing stuff down or randomly inserting pieces of furniture, take some time to first think about what you like, and consider how well it will fit and makes sense in your new design. Personality is important, but so is the practicality and cohesiveness of the design.

Double Duty

If your new dream apartment comes with limited floor space, there’s no better way to optimize it than by having double duty furniture. Instead of a traditional coffee table, opt for a large ottoman with storage space. Remove the cover to store little items, books, and DVDs. With the cover on, it is a place to prop your feet, or even extra seating if you have guests. For an extra level of elegance, place a glass top on the ottoman to convert it into a table.

Go Bold

Many novice decorators seem to be frequently drawn to muted, neutral colours. While bright, light wall colour can really open up a space (especially a small, closed-off space), that doesn’t mean you still can’t add in a few touches of bold colour! Think of a central wall where you can add a splash, or even within your kitchen. Great design – no matter the size – always needs a touch of flair and colour, so don’t be afraid!

Avoid Clutter

If there’s one element that can ruin your layout, it’s having too much clutter. It can feel natural to fill up space with as much furniture as we can. But sometimes, allowing a space to just simply be, can be more beneficial. So try to resist the urge to cram in stuff at every corner. Less is more!

Use Built-Ins for Storage

Sufficient storage is always a bit of a challenge with apartments (but it’s also great for forcing us to limit clutter and junk, too). However, if you are struggling to find adequate storage in your home, built-in units installed along your walls can be a huge help. They not only provide extra storage space, but they camouflage it perfectly behind a design-friendly surface.

When you get the keys to your new apartment, start thinking about how you can optimize your space. Creating great interior design is all about getting creative, and personalizing it to reflect your own personal taste. Use these tips to help create your perfect space!

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