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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: Exterior

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With the snow melting and some green finally starting to show, spring is definitely in the air. Although winter is a long and drawn out experience, especially this past winter, we can always count on spring weather to warm us up and bring the hope of summer. Another thing we can definitely count on spring to do is cause lots and lots of mud.

Lawn Care

Although spring is the long-awaited beacon of warmer weather, it does come with it’s own set of challenges. Heavy rainfall that is inevitable with the spring season can wreak havoc on your lawn. And if you have children then you know there is nothing more tempting than a giant mud puddle! You can expect that your lawn will be soggy and muddy for a few months while the spring weather continues its cycle. If your lawn gets torn up too much from over-saturation or from excited kids with winter cabin fever, you may want to consider hiring a professional landscaping company to bring your lawn back up to it’s proper potential.

Make sure all your Shed & Greenhouse windows are all in good condition and have survived the winter season! Highly recommend replacement plastic option for shed or greenhouse plastic replacements.


Another messy problem spring brings is dirt covered siding. The side of your house appears to be in desperate need of a shower, despite all the rain. If you own a pressure washer then late spring is the right time to bring it out. Spraying down the side of your house with a hard and directed stream of water should be more than enough to clean the gunk off the side of your house. If you do not own a pressure washer they can be rented or people can be hired to do the washing for you. Just like a hot shower makes us feel and look better, a good pressure wash will do wonders for the dirt speckled exterior of your house!


The drastic changes from freezing cold to warmer temperatures the end of winter brings can be detrimental to your asphalt driveway. Just as potholes are common all around the city, your driveway is susceptible to the same damage. The best way to ensure your driveway doesn’t damage your vehicles, or cause your children to trip and fall, is to fix cracks and potholes before they have a chance to fester and grow. Depending on the severity of the damage you may want to consider having your driveway completely done new. However, there are also many ways to patch smaller problems and save some money while still addressing the problem.

Roof & Gutters

Spring time means lots of rain! Make sure your home is ready by ensuring your gutters are clear of leaves, dirt and any other debris that may have been left over from the fall. Also, take a look at your roof. Make sure you do not have any peeling or missing shingles. If you do, it could be time to replace your roof. Leaving your roof exposed puts you at higher risk of leaks and wood rot, which will be much costlier to fix later.

We all love spring because it means that summer is on the way; but spring comes with an enormous to do list for the outside of your house. However, that to do list is a happy trade off for the nice weather that is coming your way!

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