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3 Spring Cleaning Tasks To Put On Your List

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  • 5 years ago

Whether you look forward to or dread the thought of it, spring cleaning is an inevitable part of the change of seasons. Over the winter, junk and excessive “stuff” gets piled in garages and basements just waiting for the nice weather to come so it can be dealt with. The dust piles grow, the cobwebs start to spin, and then all of a sudden spring hits and the mess can no longer be ignored!

Spring cleaning is more than just emptying out the deep dark corners of your garage and purging your long lost hoarding piles. It is also time to give your house a bath. With the ability to open your windows without frostbite consequences you can start the cleaning process by cleaning the stuffy air in your house. Open all the doors and windows and let a refreshing breeze pass through your house removing the stagnant winter blues from within your walls.


With your windows open and at the ready, now would be a good time to remove your screens and scrub the grime build up that has accumulated over time. Doing this not only helps your vision through the screens but also helps to ensure clean air flows through your windows and into your house as opposed to dusty air. Some exterior windows may require the help of a professional to clean as they are too high to reach on your own. No window cleaning is worth you falling and injuring yourself over, be wise and know when to call a professional. Spring is also the perfect time to consult a professional about window replacement! Start the summer entertaining season fresh with new, beautiful windows you can open and close with ease.


Spring cleaning also extends to your closet. Over the winter months perhaps you lived in the same sweatshirt and comfortable pair of jeans, just praying for the summer sun to come and rescue you. Lucky for you summer always comes and always brings plenty of heat. Take the time during spring cleaning to purge your closet of all clothing you don’t wear. There are plenty of people who would benefit from your hand-me-down clothing, either friends or a local charity. Clean out the unused clutter in your closet and allow for the entrance of fun summer colourful clothing.

Carpets & Rugs

Spring is the perfect time for a deep carpet and rug cleaning. Over the winter months, dust, dirt and salt from the outdoors settle deep in your carpets. This not only makes your carpets look worn and dirty, but it can also wear away the carpet fibres and underlay over time, lowering the lifespan of your carpet. Bringing in a professional to clean your carpets in the springtime will make sure the job gets done right – no muss, no fuss!

Bring out the dust pans and the brooms, sweep out your garage and get rid of unused household items. It sounds like a lot of work but somehow spring cleaning can always be done with a smile. It’s a way to say “bye winter!” and “welcome spring!” and to shut the door on cold nights and never ending snowstorms.

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