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4 Steps for a Seamless Office 365 Migration

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  • 5 years ago

If you’re considering making a jump to the cloud with Office 365, it can provide the ease and flexibility you’ve been seeking to make your operations run smoothly. But performing that integration successfully can involve some challenges. Depending on the size and scale of your business or organization, there could be a variety of factors that can hinder the success of migrating that infrastructure.

Before you give the green light, here are 4 factors to consider first for a seamless 0365 migration:

Allot Enough Time For the Migration

Switching over an entire business infrastructure takes time. It’s a process that must happen gradually. It’s important to give your company enough time for this process to occur, factoring in the potential errors and wrinkles to be worked out during the process.

Take Note of Your Active Directory

The active directory is something that can often go unnoticed or ignored. As a result, it’s common for it to be out-dated. If your IT department has neglected this, it could pose some potential problems during the migration. It’s one of the most common issues that arise. Always take note of the active directory and have it assessed and updated prior to the big move to ensure all records are correct.

Inform All Users

Of course, before any changes occur, it’s imperative to inform any users that might be affected during the process. Since some systems will be down and require time before being active again, it’s important to prepare all parties involved. Give them a time frame of when it will begin and an approximation of when they can expect it to be back up and running.

Monitor Shared Platforms

Any shared services, such as mailboxes should be monitored to ensure that nothing has changed. Since shared systems need to be moved simultaneously, it can cause some errors to occur. Have mailboxes checked for any skewed information and settings.

In order to have a seamless 0365 migration, all parties and users involved should be informed about the move. And since staged migrations are more optimal for larger and complex organizations, enough time must be allotted in order to account for this process, along with any potential hiccups that might need to be worked out. Follow each of these steps to ensure an effective complete user management solution with Office 365.

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