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What’s Your Emotional Age?

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What's Your Emotional Age

Calculating your biological/chronological age is as easy as consulting your birth certificate or driver’s license. Your emotional age is something different altogether. You can be quite mature as far as chronology is concerned, yet be emotionally stunted. Or you can be quite young in terms of years, but quite emotionally mature. Your Emotional Age (EI) is a measure of how you communicate, compromise, socialize, and interact with others. You can find out your Emotional Age by taking the Emotional Age Quiz now!

Individuals with a lower emotional age handle situations with immaturity, cave to peer pressure, obsess over surface instead of substance, and may not put their best foot forward when it comes to social interactions. People who have a high Emotional Age are self-confident, don’t allow others to dictate their behaviour, and practice self-respect. Do you blame yourself for the behaviour of others? Do you respond to the actions of others with anger, frustration, sadness, or fear? Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? Find your “energy” and archetype through the Emotional Age quiz. Do have the energy of a mother, daughter, or adult?

Here’s an example of different Emotional Age levels. Let’s say your partner makes a negative comment about your body. Do you pretend it doesn’t hurt so you don’t appear too sensitive? Do you make a big emotional scene and become frustrated that you don’t look better? Or do you brush off their comment because you are happy with your body and unwilling to let someone disrespect you like that? People with different emotional ages will respond to the negative comment in different ways.

You can take the Emotional Age quiz to find out which Emotional Archetype you use to navigate your life. The Emotional Quiz explores how you react in all aspects of your life – how you assess yourself, how you handle interpersonal interactions, how you manage relationships, how you handle professional frustrations, how you react to financial issues, and more. Your Emotional Age tracks your emotional empowerment in your job, your sex life, your relationships, and much more. Is your Emotional Archetype like Marilyn Monroe or Katherine Hepburn? Oprah or Hilary Clinton? Elizabeth Taylor or Julia Roberts? Take the Emotional Age Quiz to find out!

The concept of Emotional Age was created by Crystal Andrus. Crystal is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer). Crystal recognized that we needed a better way to understand our level of emotional empowerment. Your Emotional Age has nothing to do with your age, gender, or intelligence. It’s just about how we act in our daily lives and react to achievements and setbacks. When you understand your Emotional Age, you have a better understanding of how you live your life.


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