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Get Involved in Your Community

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It can be easy to live in our own little bubbles. Sometimes it is possible to go to work, come home, and not even notice for years that you aren’t really participating and being a positive force in your community. Did you know volunteering increases self-confidence, combats depression, helps physical health, and boosts happiness? You can make new friends, increase your social skills, and grow contacts which can benefit you down the road. Aside from helping others around you, getting involved in the community helps you inside and helps you to grow as a person. Here are some ways to get involved in your community:

The Elderly

Did you know many elderly people are isolated from family and friends? Their friends or companions may have passed on, and their family may live far away. Often, all you need to do is spend time with them and keep them engaged socially. You can learn from the elderly as they share stories and pass on wisdom. You can have alot of fun playing card games, board games, or even just chatting.

Homeless & Disadvantaged

Sadly, there are many people in our communities who are economically disadvantaged or even homeless. You can help brighten the lives of these individuals by volunteering at a homeless shelter. You can spend your time cooking or serving food, or cleaning up afterward. You can offer a kind ear to people who may be down on their luck and feel isolated and alone.


Children are the future of our communities, and it is important to set a good standard and give young people proper role models to follow. You can volunteer in schools, helping young children learn to read, write, and count. You can also volunteer with sports teams and activities. Everything from soccer in the summer to hockey in the winter needs the support of adults to organize and keep activities fun for the kids.


Sometimes, getting involved in the community is as simple as helping out your neighbour with simple tasks that will put a simple on their face. Help them bring out the garbage to the curb or volunteer to check their mail and shovel their driveway when they are out of town. If notice your neighbour bringing in the groceries or raking the lawn, offer to help and take a little bit of weight off their shoulders.

Getting involved in your community can be very simple. The great part about volunteering is that it makes you feel happy, fulfilled, connected, and self-confident, and it also helps the people you are assisting feel the same positive emotions.


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