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Maximize Your Productivity Now

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The only thing truly limited in life is time. If you’re not spending it right, you’re wasting it. Maximizing productivity and getting the most out of each and every day is the key to efficiency, output, and, ultimately, happiness. Here are some times on how to maximize your productivity now:

Don’t Multitask

Sometimes we think we can be superhuman and excel at managing multiple tasks at once. The truth is, none of us truly can, at least not well. Ditch the 70% success rate and focus on executing tasks individually, and with excellence. Sit down and focus on achieving one objective. You’ll do it faster and better, and can move on to the same efficiency with your next objective.


Often, we feel the need to shoulder the burden and take on more work than we can handle, or at least more than we can effectively execute. If you are in a position to delegate or share the responsibility with colleagues or subordinates, do so. The work will be better off, and so will you.

Group Interruptions

Interruptions can be major time sucks. Whether it’s running a small errand to someone down the hall, or dealing with constant questions from a coworker, these little events can add up. Instead, try to coordinate and mow down your interruptions quickly. For example, unless the questions are urgent, save up a list and ask them once the important tasks are complete.

Manage Email

Constantly refreshing, reading, and responding to email can take up a ton of time in the day. Give yourself a schedule and protect yourself from endless refreshing. Create a precedent so your correspondents know you won’t answer emails within five seconds. Whatever your schedule (say, only checking once per hour, or waiting until you receive an alert instead of refreshing constantly), be strong and stick with it.

Sleep & Health

You may not think of it, but sleep and health have a huge impact on productivity. When you feel sluggish, unable to concentrate, and easily distracted, productivity goes in the tank. So make sure you have a good diet with plenty of brain-friendly foods, like fish and blueberries. Also make sure you get a solid night’s sleep. You need to sleep enough hours, but also need high quality sleep – so make sure your room is free of distractions, light pollution, and set at a comfortable temperature.

With these recommendations, you can kick your productivity into high gear right away.

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