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Indoor Gardening Guide

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Indoor Garden

We all know the beauty and vibrancy of outdoor gardens, with their gorgeous colours and bounty. While (most!) indoor spaces don’t have the physical size needed to create an exquisite garden retreat, you can still bring life to your home with an indoor garden. Here is a guide to creating an indoor garden of which to be proud:

Positioning and Sunlight

Each plant has different sunlight requirements, needing direct, indirect, moderate, or low light to thrive. Fortunately, you can easily meet these sunlight requirements based on plant positioning. East and west sides of your house receive sunlight for about half the day, making them perfect for plants which need indirect or moderate light. Because the south side gets sun all day, it is perfect for plants which need direct sunlight, and the poor north side, which doesn’t receive direct light, is ideal for plants that don’t need sunlight.


Plants also vary on the watering requirements, and the sunniness, temperature, and humidity in your home can have an effect. As a general rule, water when the surface of the soil is dry to the touch, or slightly after. Because overwatering is as bad for plants as underwatering, you need to strike a delicate balance and trust the recommendation on your plant tag. You want to saturate the soil to the point that it can absorb no more water, but that’s about it. Leave it be and don’t rewater until the soil is once again dry to the touch. However, you can definitely mist your plants – they love it!

Tips & Tricks

If you’re going to be away, leave a couple ice cubes on top of the soil of each plant. It will slowly melt in, as opposed to a normal watering which will be absorbed right away. /// Plants like ferns love moist and humid environments, so use them to decorate your bathroom. /// Avoid drafty areas and inconsistent temperatures. Keep your plants away from radiators and air conditioning units. /// If you’re forgetful, leave a water jug in an obvious place. It will remind you to water your plants and keep them healthy and vibrant.

Indoor gardening can be easy as long as you are aware of the sunlight and water needs of your plants. Enjoy a taste of nature in your own home!



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