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  • FREE (unregistered version). Convert your GEDCOM to HTML family tree pages.
  • GedHTree is a program for Windows 95 through XP, Vista and Windows 7 users.
  • GedHTree is is available only in English.
  • Share your family tree on the Web, or, with family members on CD-ROM.
  • Main Index, Surname, Frequent Surname and Surname Index pages for your family tree.
  • Compact, All-Inclusive, Vertical or Classic tree styles for your GEDCOM family tree.
  • Classic Group or Descendant Tree family group pages for your GEDCOM family tree.
  • USA Map, England Map, Canada Map, Australia Map and Europe Map showing Time and Density information for GEDCOM individuals in states, counties, provinces and countries, respectively.
  • Root Guides on All-Inclusive and Descendant Tree pages aid in following direct descendants of earliest ancestors in your GEDCOM file back to root individuals you define.
  • Photo Thumbnails, Photo Links for family tree and family group pages for your GEDCOM family tree.
  • Display 500 Photo Pages, each with five photos with optional captions. A sorted Photo Page Index provides easy access to any photo page.
  • Note (Individual and Family), Source, Baptism, Christening, Nickname (includes Alias), Education (includes Graduation), Occupation, Emigration (includes Immigration), Residence (includes Census), Event, Religion, Will (includes Probate) and Burial data output.
  • USA or Europe History Timelines showing important events during GEDCOM individuals' lifespan.
  • Average Life Span, Average Marriage Age, First Name Frequency, Middle Name Frequency and Surname Frequency of GEDCOM individuals.
  • Living Individual Privacy. Substitute "Private", "Living" or " " (blank) for birth/marriage data.
  • Customize your Family Tree pages:
    • Select Background, Banner, Header, Footer, Tree Link Labels for your Index Pages.
    • Select Background and Style for your Family Group and Tree Pages.
    • Optional output of HOME and EMAIL links on index and family group pages.
    • Select Photo Thumbnail photos, add Captions to Photo Page photos.
    • Optional encoding of your email address so that it won't be easy for spammers to harvest your email address for spam use.
  • Comprehensive User Guide for convenient reference to GedHTree features and options.

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